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Multi stage image editing of images using stable-diffusion with a mask and a prompt

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Run time and cost

Predictions run on Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU hardware. Predictions typically complete within 12 minutes. The predict time for this model varies significantly based on the inputs.

High-Resolution Image Editing via Multi-Stage Blended Diffusion

Overview of Multi-Stage Blended Diffusion

This repository includes our implementation of Multi-Stage Blended Diffusion, as described in our paper High-Resolution Image Editing via Multi-Stage Blended Diffusion

Our implementation builds on the original implementation of Latent Diffusion, available at (, which is licensed under the MIT license. Specifically multi-scale-blended-diffusion/ldm, multi-scale-blended-diffusion/configs, and multi-scale-blended-diffusion/models are entirely from latent diffusion.


  • Install the environment specified in multi-scale-blended-diffusion/environment.yaml:
conda env create -f environment.yaml
  • Download the stable diffusion v1.4 from the huggingface space and copy it to multi-scale-blended-diffusion/models/ldm/stable-diffusion-v1/model.ckpt. This requires login and has to be done manually.
  • Also download RealESRGANx4plus from here and place it in multi-scale-blended-diffusion/RealESRGAN_x4plus.pth:
wget -P multi-scale-blended-diffusion/


To try our approach for interactive editing, use the multi-scale-blended-diffusion/InteractiveEditing.ipynb notebook.

To run, validate our approach on the examples used in our paper, use multi-scale-blended-diffusion/