A40 GPUs now available


You can now run Replicate models on NVIDIA A40 GPUs. In terms of price and performance, the A40 sits between our T4 and A100 hardware. For many models, the A40 Large can be 80-90% as fast as A100s but almost half the price.

The A40 GPU is currently available in two configurations, each with the same GPU but attached to a machine with different amounts of CPU and RAM:

Hardware Price GPU CPU GPU RAM RAM
Nvidia A40 GPU $0.0013 per second ($0.078 per minute) 1x 4x 48GB 16GB
Nvidia A40 (Large) GPU $0.0016 per second ($0.096 per minute) 1x 10x 48GB 72GB

To choose which GPU type is used to run your model, see the Hardware dropdown on your model’s settings page:


To compare price and performance of all available GPUs, see our pricing page.