Use a face to make images

These models let you generate realistic images, art, and avatars from a simple face image. They use advanced AI techniques to transform faces into new visual styles while preserving the subject’s identity and features.

Key capabilities:

  • Photo generation: Create realistic photos of a person in different contexts, outfits, hairstyles, etc.
  • Artistic rendering: Transform a photo into paintings, sketches, anime, and other artistic styles.
  • Avatar creation: Generate profile pictures, game characters, emoji, and 3D avatars matching a face.

Our Pick: PhotoMaker

We recommend PhotoMaker for most people looking to generate images from faces. It’s by far the most popular model, with over 500,000 runs, and for good reason. PhotoMaker excels at creating high-quality, realistic photos, paintings, and avatars in a wide variety of styles from a single face image. Just upload a photo and describe what you want, and PhotoMaker will generate it in seconds.

PhotoMaker also offers a style-focused variant that provides even more artistic rendering options, including cinematic, fantasy art, comic book, and more. Between the two versions, PhotoMaker covers the broadest range of face-to-image capabilities in one easy-to-use package.

Also Great: Face to Many

For more unique and specialized face transformations, check out Face to Many. This popular model can turn a face into things like 3D models, emoji, pixel art, video game characters, claymation figures, and toys. While it doesn’t match PhotoMaker’s realism, Face to Many unlocks a lot of creative possibilities for generating artistic face renderings beyond the usual photos and paintings.