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Create photos, paintings and avatars for anyone in any style within seconds.

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Run time and cost

This model runs on Nvidia A40 (Large) GPU hardware. Predictions typically complete within 26 seconds.



PhotoMaker is an image-to-image model for generating images in various styles from human photos. For more information about the model, visit the official project website.

Usage Tips:

  • The face in the uploaded image should occupy the majority of the image
  • Upload more photos of the person to be customized to improve ID fidelty.
  • When you enter a text prompt, make sure to follow the class word you want to customize with the trigger word: img, such as: “man img” or “woman img” or “girl img”. If the input is an Asian face(s), consider adding ‘asian’ before the class word, e.g., “asian woman img”
  • When stylizing, does the generated face look too realistic? Adjust the Style strength to 30-50. The larger the number, the less ID fidelty, but the stylization ability will be better. You could also try out other base models or LoRAs with good stylization effects.
  • For faster speed, reduce the number of generated images and sampling steps. However, please note that reducing the sampling steps may compromise the ID fidelity.


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