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Cog is an open-source command-line tool for packaging ML models. Cog gives you a consistent environment to run your model in – for developing on your laptop, training on GPU machines, and for other people working on the model. Then, when the model is trained and you want to share or deploy it, you can bake the model into a Docker image that serves a standard HTTP API.

$ cog init
$ cog push
Try out Cog on GitHub


Andreas Jansson
Andreas Jansson

Built research tools & infrastructure at Spotify. PhD in ML for music.

Ben Firshman
Ben Firshman

Product at Docker, creator of Docker Compose.

Zeke Sikelianos
Zeke Sikelianos

Engineering at GitHub, npm, Heroku. Creator of Swagger.

We also built arXiv Vanity, which lets you read arXiv papers as responsive web pages.

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