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InternLM2.5 has open-sourced a 7 billion parameter base model and a chat model tailored for practical scenarios.

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Run time and cost

This model runs on Nvidia A40 (Large) GPU hardware.



InternLM2.5 has open-sourced a 7 billion parameter base model and a chat model tailored for practical scenarios. The model has the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding reasoning capability: State-of-the-art performance on Math reasoning, surpassing models like Llama3 and Gemma2-9B.

  • 1M Context window: Nearly perfect at finding needles in the haystack with 1M-long context, with leading performance on long-context tasks like LongBench. Try it with LMDeploy for 1M-context inference.

  • Stronger tool use: InternLM2.5 supports gathering information from more than 100 web pages, corresponding implementation will be released in Lagent soon. InternLM2.5 has better tool utilization-related capabilities in instruction following, tool selection and reflection. See examples.


Performance Evaluation

We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of InternLM using the open-source evaluation tool OpenCompass. The evaluation covered five dimensions of capabilities: disciplinary competence, language competence, knowledge competence, inference competence, and comprehension competence. Here are some of the evaluation results, and you can visit the OpenCompass leaderboard for more evaluation results.

Dataset\Models Qwen2-7B-Instruct Yi-1.5-9B-Chat GLM-4-9B-Chat Llama-3-8B-Instruct Gemma2-9B-IT InternLM2.5-7B-Chat Llama-3-70B-Instruct
MMLU 70.8 71.0 71.4 68.4 70.9 72.8 80.5
CMMLU 80.9 74.5 74.5 53.3 60.3 78.0 70.1
BBH 65 69.6 69.6 65.4 68.2 71.6 80.5
MATH 48.6 51.1 51.1 27.9 46.9 60.7 47.1
GSM8K 82.9 80.1 85.3 72.9 88.9 86.0 92.8
GPQA 38.4 37.9 36.9 26.3 33.8 38.4 38.9
  • The evaluation results were obtained from OpenCompass (some data marked with *, which means come from the original papers), and evaluation configuration can be found in the configuration files provided by OpenCompass.
  • The evaluation data may have numerical differences due to the version iteration of OpenCompass, so please refer to the latest evaluation results of OpenCompass.

Limitations: Although we have made efforts to ensure the safety of the model during the training process and to encourage the model to generate text that complies with ethical and legal requirements, the model may still produce unexpected outputs due to its size and probabilistic generation paradigm. For example, the generated responses may contain biases, discrimination, or other harmful content. Please do not propagate such content. We are not responsible for any consequences resulting from the dissemination of harmful information.

Open Source License

The code is licensed under Apache-2.0, while model weights are fully open for academic research and also allow free commercial usage. To apply for a commercial license, please fill in the application form (English)/申请表(中文). For other questions or collaborations, please contact


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vLLM Deployment

This model was created by the Replicate Model: Create a new vLLM model