Secret inputs for models


We’ve added a way to securely pass sensitive values to models.

In Cog v0.9.7 and later, you can annotate an input with the Secret type to signify that an input holds sensitive information, like a password or API token.

from cog import BasePredictor, Secret

class Predictor(BasePredictor):
    def predict(self, api_token: Secret) -> None:
        # Prints '**********'

        # Use get_secret_value method to see the secret's content.

Replicate treats secret inputs differently throughout its system. When you create a prediction on Replicate, any value passed to a Secret input is redacted after being sent to the model.


"A secret has its value redacted after being sent to the model."


"This value was redacted after being sent to the model."

Caution: Passing secret values to untrusted models can result in unintended disclosure, exfiltration, or misuse of sensitive data.