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A 1.4B parameter text2im model from CompVis, finetuned on CLIP text embeds and curated data.
10,704 runs


GLID-3-xl is the 1.4B latent diffusion model from CompVis back-ported to the guided diffusion codebase

The model has been split into three checkpoints. This lets us fine tune the diffusion model on new datasets and for additional tasks like inpainting and super-resolution

Download model files

# text encoder (required)
wget https://dall-3.com/models/glid-3-xl/bert.pt

# ldm first stage (required)
wget https://dall-3.com/models/glid-3-xl/kl-f8.pt

# there are several diffusion models to choose from:

# original diffusion model from CompVis
wget https://dall-3.com/models/glid-3-xl/diffusion.pt

# new model fine tuned on a cleaner dataset (will not generate watermarks, split images or blurry images)
wget https://dall-3.com/models/glid-3-xl/finetune.pt

# inpaint
wget https://dall-3.com/models/glid-3-xl/inpaint.pt

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