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An efficient, intelligent, and truly open-source language model

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This language model is priced by how many input tokens are sent as inputs and how many output tokens are generated.

Check out our docs for more information about how per-token pricing works on Replicate.


Demo App

Want to chat with Arctic? Try the Streamlit demo app. Streamlit Arctic demo app

Model Details

Arctic is a dense-MoE Hybrid transformer architecture pre-trained from scratch by the Snowflake AI Research Team. We are releasing model checkpoints for both the base and instruct-tuned versions of Arctic under an Apache-2.0 license. This means you can use them freely in your own research, prototypes, and products. Please see our blog Snowflake Arctic: The Best LLM for Enterprise AI — Efficiently Intelligent, Truly Open for more information on Arctic and links to other relevant resources such as our series of cookbooks covering topics around training your own custom MoE models, how to produce high-quality training data, and much more.

For the latest details about Snowflake Arctic including tutorials, etc. please refer to our github repo:

Model developers Snowflake AI Research Team

License Apache-2.0

Input Models input text only.

Output Models generate text and code only.

Model Release Date April, 24th 2024.

Model Architecture

Arctic combines a 10B dense transformer model with a residual 128x3.66B MoE MLP resulting in 480B total and 17B active parameters chosen using a top-2 gating. For more details about Arctic’s model Architecture, training process, data, etc. see our series of cookbooks.