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Source: teknium/Mistral-Trismegistus-7B ✦ Quant: TheBloke/Mistral-Trismegistus-7B-AWQ ✦ Mistral Trismegistus is a model made for people interested in the esoteric, occult, and spiritual

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Run time and cost

This model runs on Nvidia A40 GPU hardware. Predictions typically complete within 7 seconds.


Here are some outputs:

Answer questions about occult artifacts: image/png

Play the role of a hypnotist: image/png

Special Features:

  • The First Powerful Occult Expert Model: ~10,000 high quality, deep, rich, instructions on the occult, esoteric, and spiritual.
  • Fast: Trained on Mistral, a state of the art 7B parameter model, you can run this model FAST on even a cpu.
  • Not a positivity-nazi: This model was trained on all forms of esoteric tasks and knowledge, and is not burdened by the flowery nature of many other models, who chose positivity over creativity.


Special thanks to @a16z.


This model was trained on a 100% synthetic, gpt-4 generated dataset, about ~10,000 examples, on a wide and diverse set of both tasks and knowledge about the esoteric, occult, and spiritual.

The dataset will be released soon!


Prompt Format:

USER: <prompt>


<system message>
USER: <prompt>


No benchmark can capture the nature and essense of the quality of spirituality and esoteric knowledge and tasks. You will have to try testing it yourself!

Training run on wandb here:


Apache 2.0