Simplified AI Inference APIs on Replicate with NVIDIA NIM

Posted by @andreasjansson and @zeke

Replicate is making machine learning more accessible to software developers by empowering them with the ability to run AI with an API. Today, we’re advancing that mission by adding support for NVIDIA NIM inference microservices.

NVIDIA NIM, part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise, is a set of easy-to-use microservices designed to speed up generative AI deployment in enterprises. Supporting a wide range of AI models, including NVIDIA AI foundation and custom models, it delivers seamless, scalable AI inferencing, on premises or in the cloud, leveraging industry-standard APIs.

NIM containers encapsulate numerous software components for optimized inference of AI models and expose them via industry-standard APIs

Next steps

We’re excited to add support for NVIDIA NIM to help make it easier to build, deploy, and iterate on AI models in production.

If you’re interested in running NVIDIA NIM on Replicate, come talk to us.