CLIP Interrogator (for faster inference)

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Run clip-interrogator with an API

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Input schema

The fields you can use to run this model with an API. If you don't give a value for a field its default value will be used.

Field Type Default value Description
Input image
string (enum)


ViT-L-14/openai, ViT-H-14/laion2b_s32b_b79k, ViT-bigG-14/laion2b_s39b_b160k

Choose ViT-L for Stable Diffusion 1, ViT-H for Stable Diffusion 2, or ViT-bigG for Stable Diffusion XL.
string (enum)


best, classic, fast, negative

Prompt mode (best takes 10-20 seconds, fast takes 1-2 seconds).

Output schema

The shape of the response you’ll get when you run this model with an API.

{'title': 'Output', 'type': 'string'}
Example API response
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('painting of a turtle swimming in the ocean with a blue sky in the '
 'background, illustrative art, turtle, michael angelo inspired, world-bearing '
 'turtle, highly detailed illustration.”, 4k artwork, realistic illustration, '
 'highly detailed digital painting, vibrant digital painting, [ 4 k digital '
 'art, 4k art, hypperrealistic illustration, high detail illustration, vibrant '