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Posted by @rossjillian

I’m Jillian, a member of the team at Replicate. For me, Replicate is about our community: a diverse group of artists, tinkerers, hobbyists, and researchers using machine learning for good. That’s why I’m organizing Uncanny Spaces, a series of summits exploring what people are creating with machine learning.

Uncanny Spaces

Uncanny Spaces brings together people who are exploring generative machine learning and creativity. Over the course of the series, we’ll talk to AI artists, Discord bot creators, and musicians about how they use machine learning in their creative projects.

Each summit is focused on a particular subarea of machine learning and creativity, such as visual artists and the machine. Summits happen every other Saturday and last two hours. The first hour is a set of featured and lightning talks from our community, and the second hour is set aside for community discussions.

Up Next: Visual Artists and the Machine

Our next Uncanny Spaces is on Saturday August 20 and is called Visual Artists and the Machine. We’ll be exploring creative machine learning with artists Daniel Ambrosi and Mary Flanagan. Together, we’ll dig into how artists are using machine learning to expand the possibilities of visual art.

Join us

Uncanny Spaces is virtual and open to everyone: register here to take part.

Uncanny Spaces by pixray, upscaled with swinir
Uncanny Spaces by pixray, upscaled with swinir

We can’t wait to see you soon! In the meantime, come chat with us on Discord.