Create tileable animations with seamless transitions

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Run time and cost

This model runs on Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU hardware.



TileMorph creates a tileable animation between two Stable Diffusion prompts. It uses the circular padding trick to generate images that wrap around the edges.

The animation effect is achieved by interpolating both in CLIP embedding space and latent space.

  • The number of CLIP interpolation steps is controlled by the num_animation_frames input. Each “animation frame” runs a full Stable Diffusion inference, which makes it slow but interesting.
  • The number of latent space interpolation steps between animation frames is controlled by the num_interpolation_steps input. Each interpolation step only runs a VAE inference, and is fast but less interesting. You can trade off interestingness versus prediction time by tweaking num_animation_frames and num_interpolation_steps
  • num_animation_frames * num_interpolation_steps = number of output frames
  • num_animation_frames * num_interpolation_steps / frames_per_second = output video length in seconds

This model supports seamless transitions between different generations. Set prompt_end and seed_end to the same value of video number n as prompt_start and seed_start of video number n + 1.