What is fine-tuning?

Fine-tuning is a process of taking a pre-trained model (sometimes called a foundation model) and training it with your own data to create a new model that is better suited to a specific task. You can fine-tune image models like SDXL on your own images to create a new version of the model that can generate images of a particular person, object, or style. You can also fine-tune language models like Llama 2 to make them better at a particular task, like answering questions or generating text in a specific style.

With Replicate, you can fine-tune and run your own image models and language models in the cloud without having to set up any GPUs.

Language models

You can train a language model to classify text, answer questions, be a support chatbot, or generate text in a particular style. These things are sometimes possible by creating prompts, but you can only pass a limited amount of data in the prompt. When you have a large amount of data, fine-tuning is the best approach to get higher quality results from your model.

Use these guides to get started with fine-tuning your own language models:

Image models

You can train an image model to generate images of:

Use these guides to get started with fine-tuning your own image models: