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license: creativeml-openrail-m language: - en tags: - stable-diffusion - text-to-image - image-to-image - diffusers inference: true

this is a model that puts heavy emphasis on artistic and surreal elements with extremely high image detail, extremely flexible, can create beautiful images with simple prompts, negative prompts are not very important. Works best with step count greater than 30 preferably 50 steps, and native resolution up to 768x768, for example 2:3 frame resolution is 768x1024. CFG to around 11 to 15, highres fix will look better but not necessarily if you feel it takes too long

For those of you who don’t have a pc or a weak computer, you can consider using my model via sinkin and mage website using the link below:


negative prompt:

sketch, (worst quality:1.5), (low quality:1.5), (normal quality:1.5), lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, ((monochrome)), ((grayscale)), collapsed eyeshadow, multiple eyeblows, vaginas in breasts, (cropped), oversaturated, extra limb, missing limbs, deformed hands, long neck, long body, imperfect, (bad hands), signature, watermark, username, artist name, conjoined fingers, deformed fingers, ugly eyes, imperfect eyes, skewed eyes, unnatural face, unnatural body, error

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6801E298-AFB0-4F19-B29D-04924E91EDAB.png 4D8191B3-08D6-46A1-89E3-42BE6B3AE7DF.png E29E6BB2-3615-4AF5-BFA2-C199B421F917.png 3D04CB5F-E99E-4FE7-930A-0CF465690A35.png DAF68BEA-0EE6-43DF-9C8F-0ED889F1323D.png 14426B97-2904-43E5-BE2B-22B433AE27D4.png 2A16F317-E34F-48DF-8A6C-DC9F16A87580.png 3C965B91-BC6D-4361-B2BF-4BD869522746.png 7CF7EB28-A5EC-4353-8C47-6924985E5AED.png 6E1F2BB8-BD85-475B-864D-4EDC495408DC.png 84F7A396-1E25-48F9-A456-48013CD8E0B1.png B7D16E93-5636-4420-9723-10242420ABDD.png 810EE2C9-1701-48AA-83DB-C5D4E62BEB08.png