Public Practical Image Restoration Algorithms for General/Anime Images
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Run time and cost

Predictions run on Nvidia T4 GPU hardware. Predictions typically complete within 18 seconds. The predict time for this model varies significantly based on the inputs.


Real-ESRGAN aims at developing Practical Algorithms for General Image/Video Restoration.

If Real-ESRGAN is helpful, please help to ⭐ the Github Repo and recommend it to your friends 😊

Model Descriptions

Option Weight Name Description
▶General - RealESRGANplus: <RealESRGAN_x4plus.pth> A large model for general images
▶General - v3: <realesr-general-x4v3.pth> A tiny model for general images
▶Anime - anime6B: <RealESRGAN_x4plus_anime_6B.pth> A large model for anime images/illustrations
▶AnimeVideo - v3: <realesr-animevideov3.pth> A tiny model for anime images, especially for anime videos

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