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Realism photo with RealVisXl v4.0 ( Realistic Vision with Stable Diffusion XL )

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What do and how work this model

What do this model

This model name ** realvisxl4** use RealVisXL 4.0 ( Pretrained model using Stable Diffusion XL ) for generate picture.

If you want to create your own version of this, you can check the code of this Replicate model in my github repo :

GITHUB : https://github.com/WGlint/RealVisXL-v4.0

Thanks for the creator of this RealVisXL model Evgeny, if you want to learn more about realistic model, checl this huggingface page :

HUGGINGFACE : https://huggingface.co/SG161222

For what i use this model

I create a website to generate ai photo for client, if you want to check !