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The "Overall Best Performing Open Source 7B Model" for Coding + Generalization or Mathematical Reasoning

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A quantized, version of the OpenChat 3.5 1210 model.

The original model can be found here. The quantized version used is Q5_K_M, and can be found here.

There are two separate ‘modes’ available, which can be chosen via the prompt. This model has no system prompt.

Default Mode (GPT4 Correct): Best for coding, chat and general tasks

GPT4 Correct User: Hello<|end_of_turn|>GPT4 Correct Assistant: Hi<|end_of_turn|>GPT4 Correct User: How are you today?<|end_of_turn|>GPT4 Correct Assistant:

Mathematical Reasoning Mode: Tailored for solving math problems

Math Correct User: 10.3 − 7988.8133=<|end_of_turn|>Math Correct Assistant: