ML makeovers

Models that let you change facial features

orpatashnik / styleclip

Text-Driven Manipulation of StyleGAN Imagery

910.7K runs

yuval-alaluf / sam

Only a Matter of Style: Age Transformation Using a Style-Based Regression Model

522.6K runs

wty-ustc / hairclip

Design Your Hair by Text and Reference Image

106.7K runs

rinongal / stylegan-nada

StyleGAN-NADA: CLIP-Guided Domain Adaptation of Image Generators

81.9K runs

mchong6 / jojogan

JoJoGAN: One Shot Face Stylization

68.9K runs

yuval-alaluf / restyle_​encoder

ReStyle: A Residual-Based StyleGAN Encoder via Iterative Refinement

67.7K runs

eladrich / pixel2style2pixel

a StyleGAN Encoder for Image-to-Image Translation

30.6K runs

tengfei-wang / hfgi

High-Fidelity GAN Inversion for Image Attribute Editing

21K runs

cjwbw / diffae

Image Manipulatinon with Diffusion Autoencoders

13.9K runs

phamquiluan / facial-expression-recognition

Facial Expression Recognition using Residual Masking Network

12.4K runs

iigroup / tedigan

Text-Guided Diverse Face Image Manipulation

8K runs

cjwbw / style-your-hair

Pose-Invariant Hairstyle Transfer

7.2K runs

onion-liu / blendgan

Arbitrary Stylized Face Generation

7.2K runs

cjwbw / micromotion-stylegan

Decoding Micromotion in Low-dimensional Latent Spaces from StyleGAN

6.8K runs

wonjongg / stylecarigan

Caricature Generation via StyleGAN Feature Map Modulation

5K runs

minivision-ai / photo2cartoon

Photo to cartoon translation

4K runs

netease-gameai / spatchgan-selfie2anime

Selfie to anime

3.1K runs

avivga / zerodim

Disentangled face manipulation using CLIP-based annotations

1.8K runs

csyxwei / orojar

Online demo for "Orthogonal Jacobian Regularization for Unsupervised Disentanglement in Image Generation"

1.8K runs