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Multi-stage text-to-video generation

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Run time and cost

This model runs on Nvidia A100 (40GB) GPU hardware. Predictions typically complete within 35 seconds. The predict time for this model varies significantly based on the inputs.


Weights from:

This model is based on a multi-stage text-to-video generation diffusion model, which inputs a description text and returns a video that matches the text description. Only English input is supported.

Model Description

The text-to-video generation diffusion model consists of three sub-networks: text feature extraction, text feature-to-video latent space diffusion model, and video latent space to video visual space. The overall model parameters are about 1.7 billion. The diffusion model adopts the Unet3D structure, and realizes the function of video generation through the iterative denoising process from the pure Gaussian noise video.

This model is meant for research purposes. Please look at the model limitations and biases and misuse, malicious use and excessive use sections.

This model has a wide range of applications and can reason and generate videos based on arbitrary English text descriptions.

Model limitations and biases

  • The model is trained based on public data sets such as Webvid, and the generated results may have deviations related to the distribution of training data.
  • This model cannot achieve perfect film and television quality generation.
  • The model cannot generate clear text.
  • The model is mainly trained with English corpus and does not support other languages ​​at the moment.
  • The performance of this model needs to be improved on complex compositional generation tasks.

Misuse, Malicious Use and Excessive Use

  • The model was not trained to realistically represent people or events, so using it to generate such content is beyond the model’s capabilities.
  • It is prohibited to generate content that is demeaning or harmful to people or their environment, culture, religion, etc.
  • Prohibited for pornographic, violent and bloody content generation.
  • Prohibited for error and false information generation.

Training data

The training data includes LAION5B, ImageNet, Webvid and other public datasets. Image and video filtering is performed after pre-training such as aesthetic score, watermark score, and deduplication.