Models that create and edit videos

deforum / deforum_​stable_​diffusion

Animating prompts with stable diffusion

199K runs

anotherjesse / zeroscope-v2-xl

Zeroscope V2 XL & 576w

181.4K runs

lucataco / animate-diff

Animate Your Personalized Text-to-Image Diffusion Models

114.2K runs

andreasjansson / stable-diffusion-animation

Animate Stable Diffusion by interpolating between two prompts

110.7K runs

cjwbw / damo-text-to-video

Multi-stage text-to-video generation

98K runs

nateraw / stable-diffusion-videos

Generate videos by interpolating the latent space of Stable Diffusion

54.5K runs

cjwbw / text2video-zero

Text-to-Image Diffusion Models are Zero-Shot Video Generators

38.1K runs

arielreplicate / stable_​diffusion_​infinite_​zoom

Use Runway's Stable-diffusion inpainting model to create an infinite loop video. Inspired by

32.3K runs

nightmareai / cogvideo

Text-to-video generation

31.5K runs

arielreplicate / robust_​video_​matting

extract foreground of a video

30.4K runs

lucataco / hotshot-xl

😊 Hotshot-XL is an AI text-to-GIF model trained to work alongside Stable Diffusion XL

26.8K runs

zsxkib / animate-diff

🎨 AnimateDiff (w/ MotionLoRAs for Panning, Zooming, etc): Animate Your Personalized Text-to-Image Diffusion Models without Specific Tuning

16.3K runs

wyhsirius / lia

Learning to Animate Images via Latent Space Navigation

13.7K runs

sanzgiri / cartoonify_​video

Cartoonifies a video

9.6K runs

pschaldenbrand / text2video

Method for generating bizarre looking videos from a series of language descriptions of the video. From the Bot Intelligence Group at CMU: Peter Schaldenbrand, Zhixuan Liu, & Jean Oh

7.7K runs

pollinations / real-basicvsr-video-superresolution

RealBasicVSR: Investigating Tradeoffs in Real-World Video Super-Resolution

6.7K runs

zsxkib / animatediff-illusions

Monster Labs' Controlnet QR Code Monster v2 For SD-1.5 on top of AnimateDiff Prompt Travel (Motion Module SD 1.5 v2)

5.3K runs

pollinations / stable-diffusion-dance

Audio Reactive Stable Diffusion

4.9K runs

zsxkib / animatediff-prompt-travel

🎨AnimateDiff Prompt Travel🧭 Seamlessly Navigate and Animate Between Text-to-Image Prompts for Dynamic Visual Narratives

3.8K runs

cjwbw / videocrafter

Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video Generation and Editing

3.7K runs

arielreplicate / deoldify_​video

Add colours to old video footage.

2.9K runs

charlesmccarthy / hotshot-a40

Hotshot XL using SDXL for generating one second clips of high quality! Running on a40 Made by the greats at and brought to you by your friends at FullJourney! Thanks to LucaTaco for the MVP!

2.7K runs

pollinations / tune-a-video

About Tune-A-Video: One-Shot Tuning of Image Diffusion Models for Text-to-Video Generation

2.5K runs

cloneofsimo / hotshot-xl-lora-controlnet

Text-to-gif using SDXL, with controlnet and lora support

2.5K runs

cjwbw / controlvideo

Training-free Controllable Text-to-Video Generation

1.6K runs