Models that create and edit videos

deforum / deforum_​stable_​diffusion

Animating prompts with stable diffusion

178.1K runs

andreasjansson / stable-diffusion-animation

Animate Stable Diffusion by interpolating between two prompts

104.9K runs

cjwbw / damo-text-to-video

Multi-stage text-to-video generation

81K runs

nateraw / stable-diffusion-videos

Generate videos by interpolating the latent space of Stable Diffusion

52.2K runs

cjwbw / text2video-zero

Text-to-Image Diffusion Models are Zero-Shot Video Generators

35.4K runs

nightmareai / cogvideo

Text-to-video generation

30.2K runs

arielreplicate / stable_​diffusion_​infinite_​zoom

Use Runway's Stable-diffusion inpainting model to create an infinite loop video. Inspired by

27.2K runs

arielreplicate / robust_​video_​matting

extract foreground of a video

20.7K runs

wyhsirius / lia

Learning to Animate Images via Latent Space Navigation

11.3K runs

sanzgiri / cartoonify_​video

Cartoonifies a video

8.4K runs

pschaldenbrand / text2video

Method for generating bizarre looking videos from a series of language descriptions of the video. From the Bot Intelligence Group at CMU: Peter Schaldenbrand, Zhixuan Liu, & Jean Oh

7.2K runs

pollinations / real-basicvsr-video-superresolution

RealBasicVSR: Investigating Tradeoffs in Real-World Video Super-Resolution

5.3K runs

pollinations / stable-diffusion-dance

Audio Reactive Stable Diffusion

4.3K runs

arielreplicate / deoldify_​video

Add colours to old video footage.

2.2K runs

pollinations / tune-a-video

About Tune-A-Video: One-Shot Tuning of Image Diffusion Models for Text-to-Video Generation

2.2K runs

cjwbw / controlvideo

Training-free Controllable Text-to-Video Generation

1.2K runs

cjwbw / videocrafter

Text-to-Video Generation and Editing

1.2K runs