BakLLaVA-1 is a Mistral 7B base augmented with the LLaVA 1.5 architecture

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Input schema

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Field Type Default value Description
Input Image
Describe this image
Input prompt

Min: 8

Max: 2048

Maximum sequence length

Output schema

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{'title': 'Output', 'type': 'string'}
Example API response
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('The image features a detailed illustration of a human heart, showcasing its '
 'various parts and blood vessels. The heart is depicted in full color, with '
 'its interior and exterior structures visible.\n'
 'The heart is surrounded by a network of blood vessels, including arteries '
 'and veins. There are at least six distinct blood vessels radiating from the '
 'heart, some of which are larger and more prominent than others. This '
 'illustration provides a clear and comprehensive view of the heart and its '
 'vital connections within the circulatory system.')