Diffusion models

Image and video generation models trained with diffusion processes

stability-ai / stable-diffusion

A latent text-to-image diffusion model capable of generating photo-realistic images given any text input

99M runs

cjwbw / anything-v3-better-vae

high-quality, highly detailed anime style stable-diffusion with better VAE

3M runs

cjwbw / anything-v4.0

high-quality, highly detailed anime-style Stable Diffusion models

1.7M runs

cjwbw / waifu-diffusion

Stable Diffusion on Danbooru images

1.1M runs

tommoore515 / material_​stable_​diffusion

Stable diffusion fork for generating tileable outputs

344.4K runs

cjwbw / anything-v3.0

high-quality, highly detailed anime style stable-diffusion

330K runs

22-hours / vintedois-diffusion

Generate beautiful images with simple prompts

233.8K runs

cjwbw / analog-diffusion

a dreambooth model trained on a diverse set of analog photographs

221.7K runs

deforum / deforum_​stable_​diffusion

Animating prompts with stable diffusion

177.3K runs

andreasjansson / stable-diffusion-animation

Animate Stable Diffusion by interpolating between two prompts

104.7K runs

cjwbw / stable-diffusion-high-resolution

Detailed, higher-resolution images from Stable Diffusion

65.2K runs

tstramer / classic-anim-diffusion

51.8K runs

tstramer / archer-diffusion

34.4K runs

nitrosocke / redshift-diffusion

3D artworks on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

33.7K runs

nitrosocke / arcane-diffusion

Arcane on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

32.5K runs

arielreplicate / stable_​diffusion_​infinite_​zoom

Use Runway's Stable-diffusion inpainting model to create an infinite loop video. Inspired by

27.1K runs

multitrickfox / waifu-diffusion-16bit

Waifu Diffusion v1.4 16bit

22.7K runs

cjwbw / portraitplus

Portraits with stable-diffusion

21K runs

cjwbw / stable-diffusion-v2-inpainting


13.3K runs

cjwbw / stable-diffusion-img2img-v2.1

12.2K runs

cjwbw / eimis_​anime_​diffusion

stable-diffusion models for high quality and detailed anime images

11.3K runs

nitrosocke / archer-diffusion

Archer on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

7.2K runs

cjwbw / elden-ring-diffusion

fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model trained on the game art from Elden Ring

6.7K runs

cjwbw / van-gogh-diffusion

Van Gough on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

5.1K runs

cjwbw / future-diffusion

Finte-tuned Stable Diffusion on high quality 3D images with a futuristic Sci-Fi theme

4.9K runs

nitrosocke / classic-anim-diffusion

Animation Studio on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

4.1K runs

cjwbw / sd_​pixelart_​spritesheet_​generator

generate pixel art sprite sheets from four different angles with Stable-diffusion

3.9K runs

cjwbw / wavyfusion

dreambooth trained on a very diverse dataset ranging from photographs to paintings

3.5K runs

cjwbw / stable-diffusion-v2.1

stable-diffusion v2.1

3.4K runs

cjwbw / disco-diffusion-style

Disco Diffusion style on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

3K runs

lambdal / sd-naruto-diffusers

Stable Diffusion fine tuned on Naruto

2.5K runs

cjwbw / herge-style

herge_style on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

1.9K runs

cjwbw / sd-textual-inversion-ugly-sonic

stable-diffusion-textual-inversion fine-tuned with ugly sonic

1.9K runs

tstramer / tron-legacy-diffusion

1.8K runs

cjwbw / tron-legacy-diffusion

Tron Legacy Diffusion on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

1.5K runs

cjwbw / dreamlike-diffusion-1.0

SD 1.5 fine tuned on high quality art

790 runs

cjwbw / taiyi-stable-diffusion-1b-chinese-v0.1

Chinese Stable diffusion model

775 runs

lambdal / image-mixer

Image Mixer Stable Diffusion

520 runs

cjwbw / dreambooth-pikachu

Pikachu on Stable Diffusion via Dreambooth

474 runs

cjwbw / sd-textual-inversion

Stable Diffusion Textual Inversion

468 runs

cjwbw / sd-textual-inversion-spyro-dragon

stable-diffusion-textual-inversion fine-tuned with spyro of the dragon STYLE

434 runs

cjwbw / multilingual-stable-diffusion

0 runs