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Restore images

Models that improve or restore images by deblurring, colorization, and removing noise

Upscale images

Upscaling models that create high-quality images from low-quality images

Train a language model

Language models that you can fine-tune using Replicate's training API.

Make 3D stuff

Models that generate 3D objects, scenes, radiance fields, textures and multi-views.

Latest models

A 14B parameter, lightweight, state-of-the-art open model trained with the Phi-3 datasets that includes both synthetic data and the filtered publicly available websites data with a focus on high-quality and reasoning dense pro

Updated 4 runs

Ultra high resolution images (up to 4096x4096) based on Stable Cascade

Updated 57 runs


Updated 1.3K runs

SDXL Canny controlnet with LoRA support.

Updated 16.7K runs

Seamlessly create stunning product shots by blending with inspirational references for a fresh, modern look

Updated 24 runs

Detect hate speech or toxic comments in tweets/texts

Updated 1.4K runs

Kolors with style transfer, composition transfer and other IPAdapter techniques

Updated 1.6K runs

Largest completely open sourced flow-based generation model that is capable of text-to-image generation

Updated 2.7K runs

A large-scale text-to-image generation model based on latent diffusion, developed by the Kuaishou Kolors team

Updated 5.4K runs

From Sketch to Reality: Transforming Outlines into Lifelike Images

Updated 18.9K runs

Visual instruction tuning towards large language and vision models with GPT-4 level capabilities

Updated 14.3M runs

Run any ComfyUI workflow. Guide: https://github.com/fofr/cog-comfyui

Updated 442.7K runs

Generate seamless 360 photos using SDXL

Updated 80 runs

Updated 606 runs

Real-ESRGAN for image upscaling on an A100

Updated 10.4M runs

Face Restoration

Updated 2.4K runs

A text-to-image model with greatly improved performance in image quality, typography, complex prompt understanding, and resource-efficiency

Updated 570.9K runs

MimicMotion: High-quality human motion video generation with pose-guided control

Updated 1K runs

Pinga marvada. Fine-tuned on modão tracks with the text token "modao"

Updated 24 runs

remove background for retailer product images

Updated 18 runs

Make realistic images of real people instantly (w/ ip-adapter-plus-face_sdxl_vit-h)

Updated 186 runs

Qwen 2: A 72 billion parameter language model fine tuned for chat completions

Updated 98 runs

PixArt Sigma 900M is a text-to-image generation model based on the PixArt Sigma architecture

Updated 75 runs

Updated 8.5K runs

Updated 71 runs

araby.ai oneshot faceswap

Updated 1.4K runs

Detects if a picture has anime face.

Updated 10.1K runs

NuminaMath is a series of language models that are trained to solve math problems using tool-integrated reasoning (TIR)

Updated 9 runs

MARS5, a fully open-source (commercially usable) voice-cloning/TTS with break-through prosody and realism.

Updated 316 runs

Updated 68 runs

GPU accelerated replay renderer / video data clipper for comma.ai connect's openpilot route data. SEE README.

Updated 2.4K runs

The Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.3 Large Language Model is an instruct fine-tuned version of the Mistral-7B-v0.3

Updated 10 runs

for backsound

Updated 52 runs

Convert speech in audio to text

Updated 19.4M runs

Generate high resolution image

Updated 1K runs

Cog wrapper for Ollama deepseek-coder-v2:236b

Updated 153 runs

audio to srt

Updated 5 runs

My Cat Xiaobai

Updated 388 runs

Cog wrapper for Ollama llama3:70b

Updated 6 runs

Cog wrapper for Ollama llama3:8b

Updated 6 runs

Input a video. Ask anything about it

Updated 71 runs

YOLOv10: Real-Time End-to-End Object Detection

Updated 18 runs

DeepSeek-Coder-V2: Breaking the Barrier of Closed-Source Models in Code Intelligence

Updated 187 runs

Take audio from one video and add it to a second video. Good for adding back audio to liveportrait.

Updated 76 runs

Change the fps of a video without changing its length or speed

Updated 64 runs

Portrait animation using a driving video source

Updated 23.3K runs

⚡️ Fast audio transcription | whisper large-v3 | speaker diarization | word & sentence level timestamps | prompt | hotwords

Updated 445.8K runs

Efficient Portrait Animation with Stitching and Retargeting Control

Updated 723 runs

Kolors is a SOTA base image model for high quality image generation

Updated 663 runs

Updated 76 runs